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My background

I am a conservative political activist, blogger, author and humorist. Now living in Florida, I previously resided in Oregon where I  played an integral role in passing legislation. I have also worked as an adviser to candidates running for local and statewide offices. I invite you to join me  in a  humorous look at our government at work.  I'm truly one Ornery Latina. 

Giving that name a decade ago by the lamestream media, Dee Velez

Activist who helped on campaigns to make America great again.  Me working on the Brandes Campaign.

My top issues

For several years, I worked in the schools serving as a mentor to children with learning disabilities and lobbied on behalf of my son, who has Asperger's Syndrome, dyslexia and ADHD. 

My involvement

 I previously resided in Oregon where I was a lead activist with Oregonians for Immigration Reform, for which I played an integral role in passing legislation such as Real ID and E-Verify. Immigration reform remains an important cause that I actively support.


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